Are you mind full or mindful?

Spring is the time of year my school district calls the “season of celebration” – it is the time of year for teacher ceremonies, student awards, and, of course, graduation. 

For teachers: well, for teachers it is a time for reflection, and a time to begin mental preparation for the following year. It is an exciting time because our focus is on the future. 

Teachers also use spring to reflect on the current school year: what went well and how the reality of the year matches the dream of the plans set forth the prior spring. 

dress well to test well: my students dressed up during PARCC testing to give a speech in my class

 Here is the challenge I have set for myself this spring though- and let me tell you, it really is a challenge- to be present in the experience I have at school in each moment. To enjoy the gifts my students being me every day. To see the good and the effort every one of my students has put into the things I teach them. 

I challenge all of you to this as well. Because let’s face it, at the end of the school year when all of the celebrations are over, all the learning is accomplish, and after we return our classroom keys, all that we are left with are our memories and our relationships with the people we work with every day.


2 thoughts on “Are you mind full or mindful?

  1. Reading this makes me think of every time I’ve asked a student to let me get some work done. Of course, we know that let me get some work done is more polite code for go away. And why? It’s often that the student likes me and wants to spend more time. With not much time left it’s important to remember that it’s about the relationship, and even when we’re busy, we need to honor it. Thank you.


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