What are you waiting for?

Today marks two months since I first made a goal to write every day. I cannot say that I wrote every single day…let’s get real, I’m a mom who works full time. But I have blogged most days.

Here are my learnings:

  • Sometimes I really have something to say that people need or want to hear. When I first started I wasn’t so sure I had anything to say that others would read.
  • The reflections that blogging has offered me has helped me improve and streamline my practice. As I begin to think about my new position, it is helping funnel down my thinking. My brain moves in any number of directions and it helps to pare it down.
  • While writing every day can be a challenge, I am beginning to develop a voice around my everyday thinking. It’s like we tell our student writers, sometimes the most powerful writing is about the small things in our everyday lives that we add power to. When we show the power of small moments, we live that ideal so our students can see it.
  • The fear of rejection for a long time was the thing that stopped me from blogging. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I have to say. They wouldn’t like my philosophy…they wouldn’t like me. Ultimately, the people who don’t like me or my philosophy or what I have to say most likely won’t follow my blog.
  • Being part of a community like #edblogaday is a powerful way to get started. When a person like Chris Crouch is sending prompts and retweeting your posts, there is a ton of power to keep on keepin’ on. Let’s face it, as scary as it is to post your thinking, it is equally as cool and awesome when someone likes what you have to say.
  • By placing my thoughts into the world I have met some really incredible people from everywhere. And another powerful piece is when I walk down the hallway of my school and teachers point to me and say something like, “I really like what you posted today.” or “I read your blog as I put my son to sleep each night.”

So…if you’re reading this blog and you haven’t started yourself…what are you waiting for? ¬†You never know what you’re going to gain until you start.