How do you see your colleagues?

Next school year, I am changing my role. I will be our school’s instructional coach. This means big change both for myself and for my school. It alludes that the focus of our school will move from summative assessment to instructional practices and formative assessment. This does not mean summative assessment is not important, it is, it just means that we will deepen our focus. My job is to work with groups of teachers to improve student achievement.

This is all very exciting.

I am at the GAFE (Google Apps For Education) Summit this weekend in beautiful Breckenridge. I have learned a ton, but probably the most useful session I attended today was Rushton Hurley’s about Preparing a Staff for Major Change. He asked some really great questions that I think leaders forget to ask themselves:

  • How do you see the staff?
  • How do you speak to teachers? This says everything about what you feel is possible.
  • Do you see those you lead as problems to manage? OR Do you see them as change agents?

I really love these questions and I believe that too many times leaders in education forget to ask themselves these simple check ins. I hope that I can find ways to inspire teachers. I hope that I do not let the naysayers drag me down. I hope that we can make some powerful changes in our school because our students deserve to achieve beyond what they even think they can do.