Investing in Community

My colleague and I debated about asking, but there we sat last October in the principal’so office at the high school where I work. The leadership team in my building has made a commitment in the last few years to develop teacher leaders in our building. 

We have maintained a strong commitment to professional development that is led by teachers, but it has not been enough. My colleagues I work with on our staff development team know that we need help to make our school a world class place to teach, but most importantly for our students.

Our principal said yes, and so here we are: five teachers from my high school at the Learning Forward conference in Washington DC. We came to lunch and everyone had something they earned from their morning session they can take back to our building, to make it better, to build a world class building. 

It is these kinds of opportunities to learn and come together to share that are so important for teachers to develop themselves. 

Two weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine about what makes strong teacher leaders: she told me it’s those people who realize they are not the smartest person in the room. The best teacher leaders are those who utilize the people around them to grow and deliver world class instruction. We rely on one another. 

These opportunities for teachers and administrators to have together allow us to understand how we can better work together. This time together allows us to be world class and bring our learning back to our community- what better investment is there than that?