Oh! The Things You Can Learn

I stood in the middle of the room. In awe. I watched as I sent commands to the group of 40 teachers. I they pressed and pulled their bodies into different shapes. I watched as they lay quietly on their mats through the living kindness meditation.

I witnessed the teachers’ stillness even through a long-winded announcement — clearly not ready to come back out to the world, to our school.

This week our school got a milestone. Not only did we bring wellness and yoga to teachers– we created a place where our teachers learn from one another. 
Six years ago when my friend and I told our administration that the way they did Professional Development was not working anymore and we were told to take it over- we envisioned a collaborative space where teachers listen to the wisdom and learning that each person possesses.

This week we organized a mini conference for teachers in our school. We had teachers fill out a survey for what they wanted to learn, and then we had teachers volunteer to present based on their expertise. Teachers got to choose the sessions they attended. We had a total of 24 sessions with multiple people presenting in most of them.

The feedback afterwards was phenomenal. People loved the choice of which sessions they attended. People loved the opportunity to share their expertise. And most of all… teachers realized the incredible amount of expertise in our building. 

If you have never experienced the power of teachers teaching one another, go ahead, sit down with a colleague and see what’s hiding underneath. 

Post in the comments what you learn.