Be the change…

A few days ago one of the secretaries at my school came to me to tell me her frustration, “I miss how things used to be. I miss having lunch with the other secretaries. I miss that we used to fee like a community. I miss feeling close to the people I work with so I don’t feel alone.”

As we talked and I probed it became clear that she thought our school community is better than the behaviors that are manifesting. I told her I would do what I can, but that it would be hard seeing as I’m not a secretary. But then something else happened.

Another person in our building approached me and said, “Remember how we used to do happy hours all the time. Everyone in the building had a place to connect and talk and laugh. Remember that?” Of course I remembered. It became a way to connect with people I don’t see daily. A way to build community with acquaintances, something that is hard to steal time away to do in a school.

A couple of days later as I walked towards the office this secretary waved me down. She had a smile. She couldn’t wait to tell me, “You know, after we talked the other day I thought to myself, why am I asking for help when I have the power to change it?”

So you know what she did?  She invited the other secretaries to have lunch with her outside, a picnic. While she only had a couple of people show up, she knew that she had the power to take control and build a more unified environment. 

I felt inspired, so you know what I did? Yep, I sent out an email that very day to call a happy hour because here’s the thing: I really do believe that if you want change… It has to start with you. 

However seemingly insignificant or small, change happens one ripple at a time. 

What will you change today?