Blue Tooth

If we acknowledge that students learn best when they are relaxed. And if we agree that humans mirror the energy and behaviors of the people they are in contact with. And if we subscribe to the research that states that we hone in and mirror the most developed frontal lobe in the room.

We must make sure our teachers are not constantly working in a “crisis mode.”

In the school where I work, almost every need is immediate. The need to call the frustrated parent. The need to work with a student who is misbehaving. The need to connect with a colleague. The need to finish writing goals. The need to examine data. The need to grade that stack of essays. ALL OF IT is immediate…all of it puts teachers into a crisis mode. All of it activates our sympathetic nervous systems and puts teachers in a fight, flight, freeze, or appease mode.

I don’t know about you – but I want my child to be with adults who are relaxed. Adults who have a grounding that emanates to my daughter in the form of calmness and groundedness.

So…what are we willing to do to create more calm for our teachers? What are we willing to take off their plates so they can be calm and focused when they are with our children?