The Learning Collaborative

We have officially launched our Learning Collaborative, that’s what we are calling our Teacher Leadership Initiative. We changed the name because we want to emphasize that we are all learning together: students, teachers, administrators. We are in this boat together and we will leave port together and we will set sail…together. Or not at all.

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “Start with Why,”¬†inspired our kickoff.¬†Our thinking is that when we begin a huge initiative like this one, it is important to begin with why we’ve signed up to do it. When our Lead Learners team talked about this, it became really apparent that our reasons for continuing to come back to teaching year after year are closely tied to our belief that the Learning Collaborative can do great things in our school.

Our why for the Learning Collaborative? Inspired teachers empower students.

If teachers are given the time and the space to take risks to be inspired, this energy of inspiration will empower our students to do deep learning and to take their own academic risks. This is what creates powerful education.

This why will carry us through the mandates and the tough times. It will set the framework by which our school will create Powerful Learning Communities. When our Teacher Leaders first learned about the SLO goals the state and district wants teachers to complete, there were rumblings at first. But then as we processed together as a group we realized that the way we will implement them feeds directly into our why: Innovative teachers empower students. The notion that teachers are able to create their own goals from what they know about their students is innovative and empowering. We are no longer tied to how our students have performed in the past – we look at our students as they are here and now.