Power Quotient

Not gonna lie: I started #AprilBlogaDay on a whim. I was at a conference with this guy, Brad Clark, who told me he thought I should check out the National Blog Collaborative, and that, oh- by-the-way they’re starting this thing in April and you should do it.

So I signed up. 

I had been trying for a couple of years to get my blogging off the ground, to find my voice, to find people to follow, and to find followers. In a way that I’m not sure I can articulate here, every one of those changes has happened for me over the last month. Plus- I switched platforms in the middle of the experience.

The part that helped me launch off the ground were the daily prompts that Chris Crouch (@the_explicator) sent out each day. If I didn’t know what to write, these questions would prod me to do the hardest part… To begin. Then once I started, the prompts became mine- I would own them through my reflection.

The amount of reflection of my practice the blog has allowed me to do has also been practice-altering. Each day after I work out while I’m waiting for my daughter finish her swim practice, I sit and write. I reflect on my day and attempt to make meaning from it. Mostly I write about education, although the Nepal Earthquake has clearly consumed my psyche the last few posts. This reflection each day makes me a better stronger teacher- and to hear other teachers share similar experiences helps me feel less isolated.

Feeling isolated is all too common in this profession, and blogging helps alleviate some of this. I can take my experiences and add a power quotient to them by virtue of the fact that I now have a nation- wide community that I can not only ask questions to support my practice, but who can tell me when I’m  not on track and push back to make me think. 

That is truly powerful.


2 thoughts on “Power Quotient

    • Boy oh boy, that’s a great question. I’m not sure. I think that I will draw inspiration from little things that happen in my life. There is also a spot on WordPress, I think it’s called Community Pool that has some prompts, not specifically for teaching, but prompts nonetheless. I feel like now that I’m on a roll I need the prompts less and less…What’s your plan?


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