As I decide on a word for this school year, I originally thought that connection would win out. But as I think about those places in my life for connection, I am beginning to think that intersection might be a better word.

When we create a connection, we intersect with whatever it is. Think about the spokes on the wheel of a bike and how they come together to connect and create strength. Without the spokes coming together, the wheel would become weak; it would collapse.

Intersection involves not merely connection, but the idea that once we meet one another and intersect, we begin to take in the other. That the other becomes a piece of us is the essence of intersection. Connection, to me, implies that we come together, but it may or may not mean anything beyond that.

Once we intersect we become stronger like the wheel. When we take time to listen, to really listen, to those we connect with is when we begin to take in those we listen to. Without really hearing each other we don’t necessarily intersect, we don’t become stronger together.

When I think about all of the roles I play, they all come together. They come together to make me a stronger and better human moving my way clumsily around this planet. I can take my experiences from travel, from skiing, from cycling, from teaching English, from working closely with teachers, from coaching colleagues, from teaching yoga, from being a yoga student, from being a mother, from being a wife, from being a sister…and use all of these things to keep me firmly planted, rooted in the strength of all of these things coming together at the center of my being.