About Robbins Writers

I am a writing teacher; yes, that’s what I do, it’s what I’m about.

But I sort of stumbled on to this whole writing business. I started out wanted to be an amazing reading teacher because that’s what I struggled with in school. It was very clear in my career that I made the realization that my students needed writing, they had to hone their skills in this area if they wanted to even entertain their various goals.

I started teaching in the Peace Corps where I served in Nepal, worked in an inner city alternative charter high school in Phoenix, and ended up in the suburbs of Denver where I currently teach high school.

This blog is about my journey, the day to day meanderings of a writing teacher. I feel that in this age where teachers are misunderstood, we must take the mystery out of our profession. While everyone in our country had an education, they may not realize all that happens behind the scenes. It is time for us in the profession to pull back the curtain.

I am an outdoor kind of gal and also a yogi which I began in the Peace Corps. But you’ll learn all this if you read…it all will be revealed.


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