Springtime’s the Right Time

Spring is a really difficult time for teachers, that time just before Spring Break – that time when the behaviors of adults and students have simply become too much to bear. Things that could slide off in the fall, not longer hold their charm – this time of year they simply make us angry.

Despite doing the work with the inciting offenders, this time of year they continue to…well…offend.

This year I am handling my general malaise differently. Rather than getting dragging in and dragged under, I choose to show unending love towards the people who are positive influences in my life. This might be a soft note to a co-worker. Or an ice cream cone with my daughter. Or dinner with my brother. Or simply running through my day with my husband while I cook dinner.

After all, the meaning of life – the happiness we all deserve – is in the seemingly small moments. So my challenge to all of you sweet teachers out there is this: take a moment today to show those you love a little ray of sunshine.


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