Living the Questions

David Whyte has this poem called “Sometimes” that ends with the line “Questions that have no right to go away.” This line always haunts me and bubbles up so many things within me, things that in stillness come up from my depths of my own humanness. Things like:

  • Am I truly following my purpose in my life, or some other person’s idea they held about my purpose long ago?
  • How can I fulfill my purpose without burning myself out or getting spit out by the machine that is education?
  • How can I create spaces for reflection and self-care while still honoring the power of the hustle?
  • How do I value my self…the self that yearns to be heard, to be brought forward, to learn, to grow, and to go on wild adventures?
  • How do I live my life in the most loving way possible?
  • How do I move from the heartache I have had into a wholeness that honors the pain that has catapulted me into wholehearted living?
  • How do I fiercely love my family without driving them or myself crazy?

I challenge you, dear friends, to bring your questions to the surface. For sometimes the questions hold more power than that answers. As we move through our lives, living the questions, we find ways to answer them not through words, but through simply living them.











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