Experience is the Golden Nugget

I have a yoga teacher, Amy Baker, who asks us to get curious with ourselves at the beginning of each and every class she teaches. Get curious with what’s happening in our bodies. Get curious with the tape that is running through our minds. Ask questions. Get inquisitive.

I never leave her classes the same person I was when I walked through the door.

Each time I’m in her class, I learn something new about my body, about my alignment, about the tapes in my head space, about what feels good and what doesn’t. Each time I’m with her I learn through the experience she provides.

Talking about Culturally Responsive Education today, Dr. Yemi Stembridge presented to a group of Cherry Creek teachers, and asked us to do exactly what Amy does so naturally in her yoga classes: create experiences for our students that allow them to shift, to change, to get curious. It is the experiences we design for our students that allow them to learn, allow them to invest in their learning, and ultimately give them a reason to continue to learn.

When we approach our teaching with curiosity, and design experiences to allow our students to also get curious about themselves, their surroundings, their history, and the world, that is when shifts happen for our students.

What experiences do you ask your students to have?

What feelings do your students walk away with?

What shifts do you expect your students to have?


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