Yesterday was a busy day. I am in Washington DC, and I got to go to The Hill to advocate for education on behalf of the National Writing Project (@writingproject).

The night before we had a briefing of what we would ask for. This year we asked for money for SEED grants and for money for states in something called LEARN which brings money to individual states. It’s a lot to remember- but as the core is the notion that the funding our congress people sign for makes a difference in individual classrooms and for individual students.

For instance, one of my colleagues was awarded a grant through the National Writing Project which will be used to train teachers in teaching argumentative writing. But more than that I have been able to bring this information to my classroom. 

In order to ask for the money, what I realized, we have to create a connection to our students, show our representatives what the money is being used for in a very tangible way.


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