The students walk in groggy-eyed, dreading what is ahead of them for the morning. I walk in to the library and the juniors and seniors are milling about, some in pajamas, others in yoga pants, or sweats.

The first year I did this I worried about behavior problems, but in the seven years I’ve done it I have never once had a student melt down or give any kind of problem. After all, putting 70 students into one room is normally not a great idea.

I was lucky this year because there were other people in the building facilitating another event, CREATE. I didn’t feel quite so lonely as I watched students bubble and bubble and bubble, and then write their hearts out.


This morning I proctored 70 students as they took the AP Lang practice exam our school offers. I have never had that many students take this exam. We arrive at 7 in the morning and are finished by 11. We offer this experience so that our students understand the endurance involved in taking this exam. I was exhausted afterwards, and I didn’t even take the exam.

These students? They’re committed.

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