Into the Arena

Tomorrow is one of the three big staff development development days that my team of five people has planned for this year. Heading into this day creates a lot of anxiety because we are presenting to our entire staff. I want it to be useful. I want it to help teachers empower themselves. I want it to be something they refer back to a year from now. I also don’t want to put my team in front of the staff if it’s not going to empower them.

I have spent the last month working on Brene Brown’s Living Brave Semester where we are examining vulnerability, and ways to sit in vulnerability which will allow us to move through barriers and live wholeheartedly. Living wholeheartedly to me implies that we live fully. In order to live fully, we have to be able to take risks. We have to take what we believe to be right and true and live by that: vulnerability and all.

It is a scary place to stand. But here’s the thing: we NEVER do this alone. We always have a team in the arena with us, to not only fight the good fight with us, but to help us up when we fall. We have to ask for help. In my context, I have five people who creates and prods and questions and pushes until we get it right. I have five people who will tell me when I am on target and when I have completely missed the mark.

Here’s my point: today standing at the door of the arena we will face tomorrow, I am grateful I have a team with me that I trust, that does amazing work, and who we each can rely on to do top-notch work. Without this team, this wholehearted living thing would be scarier.

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