Yesterday in my yoga class I went into a tripod headstand. Every time I do this move it feels risky, ballsy. I sort of feel like I want to be the person to do this because it’s cool and it feels good, but there’s always a voice, some days louder than others, that says, “What the hell are you doing? You really think you can do THAT?”

For those of you who know me, you know that inversions in yoga have changed me, challenged me, and have given me a new perspective on most everything. When I am in a class and it is crowded, I sort of do this halfway tripod headstand to make sure I don’t fall and start a domino effect. I put my legs in a V and I settle my hips up so they are in the place they would be if I pulled my legs together. This keeps me from falling. It keeps me safe.

Yesterday my teacher, Tambra, offered to make an adjustment for me. I love this because we all need someone to help us adjust at one point or another. The adjustment she made, to move my hands farther from my head, made the pose a little harder, but a TON more stable. It only  made it harder because it’s a little different – it feels different in my body. I feel the new stability will allow me to move into the full expression of the posture during class very soon.

How dear are the people in our lives who help us make adjustments to the ways we move in the world? Those people who say, “Hey, I see you struggle. Let me help you out. There might be a different way to approach…” whatever the situation might be.

When we make ourselves vulnerable in the world the people who are there to help us adjust safely are the ones who are courageous and whole hearted. Their actions say, “I care about you. I want to help you be stronger and more centered.” I really love that!

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