Week of Gratitude: Day 4

I was cooking all day yesterday, so this post is a little late…

This is the year grace came and put her arms around me. She has snuggled up close. She has extended her had for me to dance, and she has comforted me when I felt unsure and ungrounded. Yes, this is the year grace showed me the way.

I was a freshman in college 28 years ago, just beginning life on my own, figuring out who I was, figuring out the world and how it worked. I was not willing to trust easily, so when I trusted the friends I made so early in my time in college, I knew they were all special people. Seven ladies I entrusted with friendship my freshman year, and I still call them my friends.

That October three of these friends died in a horrific car accident. The details are irrelevant here, but trust me when I say the results were not only catastrophic to everyone who knew Kate and Shannon and Moya, the experience was earth shattering to all who knew the three shining stars we lost that day.

When Amy, my friend from that time period, told me she met Kate’s sister last spring, I didn’t know what to say. The uncertainty of that time in my life came flooding back. When Amy told me that Hilary said that her family had been praying for us, and in particular for Amy, all this time, my throat bunched up inside.

Hilary invited us to dinner in June. In what I can describe as the most beautiful night of my life, her family and Amy, Shelly, and I were able to talk about our experience of the event that changed all of us so immensely. We shared the moment we knew about the accident, but the really amazing part? We shared when we knew everything would be okay. We shared when the world started to make sense again. We shared sweet memories of Kate.

At then end of the night, these people who had crossed my path so many years ago, reminded me of the power of love, reminded me of the power of reaching out, reminded me of the power of grace. That I can move through my life for this many years, and then have these special people come back into my life in such a caring and inspiring way reminds me in the most powerful of ways the power of grace.

To have the opportunity to love and grow with Patrick, Hilary, and Sam in my life after all this time, is a gift for Amy, Shelly, and me – a gift of the power of grace.


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