Start- Stop- Share

Last weekend I went to the Google Summit in Boulder. Yes- I was dog tired from a full week of teaching. Yes- I wanted to spend time with my family. And yes- Sauturday I spent the morning filling my cup so I could be fully attentive.

And for all these efforts, I learned a couple of things that I want to share.

At Mark Garrison’s keynote he encouraged all of us to START something new, to STOP to reflect about it, and to SHARE our experience with it. This spoke to me, especially in this age of high stakes accountability. What are we doing in our classrooms and our lives, for that matter, to be accountable to ourselves.

I have so many data points that I report out to administration, to parents, and to students. What are my own data points I report out to myself? 

This framework to start, stop, and share is a call to action. A call to support ourselves and in the process one another. 


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