The Parking Lot

What is it about short weeks that don’t feel so short? Is it that we try to cram in the same amount of work into a teeny tiny little space of time? I’m not really sure, but it caught up to me this week.

Yesterday I was at a Cognitive Coaching training in the morning, and because I missed some school when Grandad died, I felt I needed to teach the two classes I have in the afternoon. We had a pep assembly, so my intention was to teach and then go back to the training during the pep rally. But as I walked out to the parking lot, I began thinking, “This is crazy. What is it that’s making you feel you need to run around? Who are you trying to please? What are you going to get out of the training when you are so harried and crazed?” And…I put my stuff in the car, turned around, and walked into the pep rally and had a blast watching our Activities Director run around with the emerald green Wizard of Oz costume.

Let me be clear, I am a believer in Cognitive Coaching and I wholeheartedly believe it will make me better at my job. In fact, I am studying the work they did this morning. That is not my issue in the least.

I am working on becoming more mindful in the work that I do, in my every day life, and most importantly when I am with my family. I am taking a class called Mindfulness for Educators offered in my district. I don’t know if it is a result of the practices I’m learning, but in that moment in the parking lot I was able to step back and see myself from the outside and question my motivations.

I am seeing that I need to slow everything down. I need to slow down my classroom practices to give my students time to percolate and think. I need to slow down my schedule as much as possible and let go of some unnecessary things. I need to slow down conversations to become fully present in the moment. I need to not panic about my fitness goals, just be consistent.  I have to remember that in the education business there is always more to do, but that is not what is important: it is in HOW we do it that matters most.


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