Change = Progress

The beginning of every school year brings with it a lot of change. This year is no different. As I embark on this new year that has begun this week, I want to take some time to reflect on changes I want to make for this year:

  • Be open to possibilities. Often this means being vulnerable and open so these possibilities might open themselves and become revealed.
  • To steal a phrase from Brene Brown, stick with people who are in the arena with me. There is not a lot of time during the school year, and believe me I know not everyone holds the same passions for the same things I hold. 
  • Always have the end in mind. This is true both working in the classroom and outside. Goals and collaboration are always more healthy if we engage with the target we are shooting for.
  • Have fun!! Stop taking everything so seriously!!

Here’s to an amazing and positive school year!!


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