How does your bean sprout grow?

Remember in elementary school when your teacher had you take a bean, put it in some soil in a styrofoam cup, and in a few days, poof…it would germinate and sprout and become its own plant?

Don’t the best teachers do this for their learners? They plant a seed, maybe water it a little, and eventually it germinates and grows.

This happened to me recently with yoga. I have been practicing since I was in my 20s, but only sporadically. I have practiced consistently for the last six months or so, and recently have decided to commit to my practice to see where it leads me.

I took an inversion class a couple of months ago. I thought it might help me look like one of the cool kids in class. It might be fun to do handstands against the wall like I used to do as a little girl.

But I had no idea what this practice would do for me.

What my teacher, Amy Baker, did for me was plant that seed. She gave me not just something to help me look like a cool kid. She gave me curiosity. She gave me tools to tend my own soil. She gave me a way to break out of the routine of every day life. She taught me how to be safe, and she gave me tools to get better and stronger.

As I observe my best yoga teachers, I have realized they all do this. They give a seed, plant it, and then give tools to tend it. How amazing would it be if we could do this in our classrooms. Give our students a seed, develop an interest, and then give them tools to tend their curiosity.


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