Always Wear Sunscreen

Today is graduation day for the seniors at Cherokee Trail. It is a lovely celebration and the last time I will see many of these students. Normally, my friend and I go to the pool, get some sun, eat cheeseburgers from our local favorite, Larkburger, shower at the gym, and head to graduation. But this year there is a haze over our city, and quite frankly it’s a really dreary day. So this year we will just go get burgers and head to the ceremony, sans sun kissed cheeks.

To see my students in their moment, in their transition is truly a gift.

In fact, this last week is my favorite as a teacher. Most people only know about the graduation ceremony as the moment of transition, but I know better. Our school has an assembly that I wrote about last week, where we see the seniors off. They walk out, crying, a little unsteady in their emotions; and then they show up today at graduation elated and completely joyful in the moment.

There is no sadness today of what they are leaving behind. This transition occurs over the course of this last week. It is truly beautiful to witness each year.

The movement from unsteady and unsure of what lies ahead to joy at what the future may hold for each person is truly beautiful.


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