What the intellect knows, the heart may not.

Sometimes the intellect understand what the heart doesn’t. Today my realization is just this. I knew in my mind, in my intellect, that our friend, Resham, in Nepal was safe. But it wasn’t until I heard his voice today that my heart knew he was okay.

Hearing Resham’s voice, hearing his laugh, hearing him talk about his experience through the earthquake lifted a weight from my heart. To hear him instead of simply see pictures lifted a weight that I did not realize was there. To listen to his story of traveling to Ghorka, the epicenter of the first earthquake, made me feel so much love for this man. He traveled there to deliver mattresses, blankets, treats, and food to the people still living in tents in this area.

The lesson? What our students understand intellectually, they must also understand in their hearts. Will students do well on exams like the PARCC if they don’t  understand with their intellect as well as with their hearts? I would argue, especially after this weekend, they would not. Until we internalize experiences, we do not fully understand them. Until we intellectualize AND feel something about what we’re learning, we do not fully understand what we are learning.


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