Reflective Time is Learning Time

Let’s face it: those of us who work in schools are ALL burned out right now. That kid who drives us crazy is most definitely on our last nerve. We have too much to do than is really humanly possible. We need to pack up rooms, assess our students, grade finals…and don’t even get me started on the fact that if you’re a writing teacher those finals are, you guessed it, essays. So yes, we have to grade those.

But there is a way to stay sane in the face of gigantic to-do lists:

1. Create time in your classes for students to reflect on their learning. This time helps students see all they have learned over the course of the school year and can be really empowering to them. I just asked my AP Lang students a simple reflective question before they took their exam: What does the voice inside your head need to say to you as you take your exam? My students were able to articulate all of the great learning they did this year, and made some powerful revelations about their thinkings.

2. Create time to reflect with colleagues. We teachers learn a ton every school year, and we must create time to reflect together. This is one of the most powerful perks of teaching we don’t really talk about. We will continue to do well that which we reflect about together. If we don’t talk about, I don’t know how we’ll continue to grow.

3. Create time for some self care. Maybe this is simply working out each day. For some, it might be going to get a mani pedi. For others, it might be sitting to read anything other than poorly written essays šŸ™‚ Whatever you do to take care of yourself, don’t skip out on it now. Create time for you. If you don’t, you will end the year crabby and tired, and that is not way to start summer strong.

In short, reflective time is important time. Don’t beat yourselves up…this job is hard enough without that.


2 thoughts on “Reflective Time is Learning Time

  1. Molly,
    Thanks for the encouraging words! We all do need this, even though I’m not grading essays this year! (I teach K!) Yes, we do become stressed out, though, and we need reflecting time, and to take care of ourselves. Thank you for reminding us.

    I enjoyed reading this before my students came this morning. It actually made me more patient, knowing I have a reason for the stress, and that I have a PLN out there, many of whom feeling the same!

    Thank you,


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