Star Wars Day

If we look carefully, there is celebration happening all around us. This time of year it is so easy to focus on all that we have to do, all the struggle happening to people around us, and quite possible all the struggle happening to us. It is easy to get caught up in the madness and craziness the end of the school year can be.

But I refuse. I refuse to give in to the struggle. I refuse To feel overwhelmed. I refuse to let my students implode. 

This is why we have to celebrate something with them each and every day. Even the small things count. 

Like today. I had a student who clearly did not pay attention when we made usernames and passwords to a site we use often in class. It’s one of those sites where I can’t get passwords or usernames myself, so they halve to figure it out. The moment this student gig in, he was off and running with his assignment- he celebrated with a little dance at his table. It was acteiumph for him to get his work turned in. 

Yes- this time of year we celebrate big things, but truly the thing that keeps me coming back is the seemingly little things. 


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