My Open Letter to Facebook


Facebook Nepal Earthquake Safety Check

Dear Facebook: 

Last Saturday morning I woke up to a text from a friend of mine that there had been a terrible earthquake in Nepal, the place I called home during my time in the Peace Corps in the mid1990s. I immediately thought of the people who are still there who are like family to my husband, my daughter, and me. My first instinct was to call them to make sure they were safe. 

But I also knew from news of past crises that blocking the phone can spell calamity for those in need of help. So I waited. I turned to Facebook for whatever updates I could see and then went about my business thinking it would be days or weeks before I would hear any news from most of my loved ones. 

I’ll be honest- I was seriously thinking about getting off of Facebook because posts sometimes make me feel bad I’m not invited to certain events, or veiled frustrations possibly directed to me are made so public…I just feel it’s not worth my negative energy or headspace.

But last weekend when I got the first alert from my friend that he was okay, you made good on your word to connect people. The list of people I know in Nepal who are connected to  Facebook was sent with their safety   status. It’s so simple and yet it had such a profound effect on my state of mind. 

As soon as I knew those I love are safe, I could rest my mind.

I want to personally and publicly say thank you. Thank you for using your tool that can so easily tear people down for something so profoundly good. 


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