The Gift of Gab

I had an awesome opportunity this weekend. I got to go up to the mountains, Estes Park, to stay at the Stanley Hotel (of The Shining fame) to collaborate with other teachers from the front range. 

While I could not be there yesterday when they were at Rockyountain National Park, I arrived last night and got to hear their stories about their tour with David from the Nature Conservancy. David, apparently, is the first cousin of the Lorax and had amazing stories to tell about the park. 

This morning we met and discussed how to bring students from being “tourists” to thinking if the world and their surroundings as “academics.” One woman talked about the symbols in The Great Gatsby and how irrelevant it feels when you’re the student listening to the teacher share what they think the green in the book stands for. 

How much cooler is it when students are given a purpose and create meaning on their own from reading for a purpose?

I am always amazed when I get to sit in  a room with brilliant teachers… Listening to them speak and figure out ideas is truly a gift. 


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