Deprivatizing the Vessel

I have been talking to people. I have been talking to National Writing Project people, teaching people, professional development people, data people, and administrators.

The thing they all agree on? The notion of deprivatizing education. Deprivatizing with our colleagues. Deprivatizing with our parents. Deprivatizing with our communities.

I am at the baby beginnings of my understanding of this concept, so please correct me if I’m wrong…here goes. My understanding of this concept at the school level, teacher level, is that we cannot become better practitioners of our craft unless we share with one another what we are doing in the classroom. This means that we must share assignments, student work, and all the trappings in between.

If we do this and we can create collegial conversations about what is working and what is not, maybe we can tap into what Carina Wong at the Gates Foundation, calls the Group Genius mindset. That notion that through the strengths of one another, we can get better. That through problem solving and getting honest about our struggles we can become stronger teachers. That if we come to the sentiment that we are all in this boat together and must survive the storm and learn how to thrive in this vessel, we can create a strong community where our kids thrive.


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