A Few of my Favorite Things…

I really love the school where I teach. It is big, and it has its problems like every school.

What I love most about the school where I teach is the staff I get to work with is brilliant. They are super smart and push my thinking every day. I get pushed professionally and as a practitioner each and every day. For instance, I was struggling in the writing lab course I teach because I felt like I had to grade EVERY blog my students wrote on every part of the rubric we use. My colleague pointed out to me that I actually didn’t want to overwhelm struggling writers with all of that feedback. She pointed out that I actually might have better results if they set one goal from the rubric per blog post. It has been dreamy and my students are making tremendous progress.

I also love our school community and how inclusive our students are. They make certain they include and are super sweet to students with special needs. A couple of years ago, our students made a special needs student homecoming king. This is awesome it itself, but what truly struck me is the fact that it didn’t seem like a big deal to the students, they acted like it was just part of the natural order of things.


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