Love-Hate: or Don’t Let the Haters Rain on Your Parade

Not gonna lie: I have a live-hate relationship with this time of year. It is Prom Week at my school (today was workout Wednesday-

Workout Wednesday

 “Let’s get physical, physical…), and next week is our big testing week- the PARCC and the ACT, and the week after that the AP testing starts.

Yesterday one of my students broke out crying in the middle of class. Her group of “friends” told her they didn’t want to hang out with her any more, that they one befriended her for the rides she gives them. Who does that?

But here’s the thing. This student has grown since she first started in my class. She may still struggle with writing, but she can better handle her emotions than she could at the beginning of the year. Before she would have lashed out, but yesterday she asked to go to her counselor and she is figuring out healthy ways to work through her anger and frustration.

That’s the love part of this time of year: the growth my students have had becomes readily apparent. And I believe in this stressful time that is what I must remind them. 

An AP student came in today to look over a couple of essays she wrote earlier in the semester. I had her read them and then tell me what she needed to do on the exam. This girl who did not know at the beginning of the year what makes good writing, could now fully articulate not only what she was missing in her essays, but what she is doing differently now, and what she still needs help with. 

See what I mean? Love- hate. 

But I wouldn’t change it.


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