100 Years Can Make a Big Difference

When our forefathers created and drafted their plan for our government, they planned for events that happened outside of their realm of understanding. They created documents general enough they would be relevant to many situations there was no way they could foresee, and yet also specific enough to afford is great freedoms.

Many of these freedoms and concepts are still argued today. Due to the great foresight the architects of our country had, we rest assured that our basic freedoms will stay in tact. 

If those of us who are in education can think ahead in much the same way, maybe just maybe we will have a future in our country that is viable. I do believe that education is the greatest symbol of our democracy. I believe that the very idea that we educate everyone in this country makes our landscape as Americans visceral. 

We must protect one of the greatest legacies our country holds. Who knows- maybe 100 years from now the kids will still have the luxury of feeling entitled to an education, rather than clambering to get one as many countries do.


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