Change comes in increments, I know this. I start a new job next year as a sort of data coach/staff developer . I really nervous about it, but I am doing many things to prepare to do the best job I can.

I am reading. I am reading a ton. I am reading about big data and intersecting data and what that might look like. I am reading about coaching teachers. I am reading about staff development trends. I am reading about school staff dynamics. I am reading about legislation. I am reading about making powerful schools. 

I am reaching out and asking questions. I  reaching out to my National Writing Project people. I am reaching out to my PLN. I am reaching out to people I know have answers to the many questions about how I’m going to pull this off.

I am lurking. On Twitter. A lot. I am lurking because I know the smartest people in the room are involved in the hashtag chats. I know I will glean information from these chats and someday I will hop in and play. I also know that if I have a question I can reach out to these people. 

In short, I am preparing for change next year.


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