Education is Power

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to hear Jeff Anderson speak with two of his colleagues (I apologize ahead of time that I cannot remember their names) about transcending the current trends in education. They very cleverly had us write about what gives us joy in teaching- what makes us keep coming back for more, year after year, day after day. Of course we all said our students. What I remember the best from this awesome and funny presentation is the question, “Who or what is photobombing your teaching?”

In other words, what is getting between you and your students?

As I think today about why I teach this notion comes back to me. In this era of high stakes I teach for the same reason I started: I have a steadfast hope in our future and the power of an educated population to make the world a better place. 

My father is a Quaker, and was a librian until her retired ten years ago. He has a steadfast belief that if people read, they can gain whatever knowledge they will ever need. This rubbed off on me, except that I believe that education is power. If we teach students to think and communicate their thinking there is nothing to stop them.


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